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1st Time at FantasyLand 2

I wrote about my first experience at FL1 so I thought I'd also write about my first experience at FL2.  It went just as well, or better, so it's a story I figured some may enjoy!

I wasn't nearly as nervous going in FantasyLand 2 as I was going in 1.  I knew that if it was half as nice as FL1 that I'd have a great time.  The parking lot looked busy and there were a few people mingling around in the parking lot.  As in FL1 the first thing you see going in is the front counter.  Just like my first time at 1, I told them I was a newbie and they should show me around.  A nice gentleman said he'd be happy to show me around, and proceeded to give us the guided tour.  The last thing he showed us was the patio area where he said people that smoke come out to enjoy a break.  He said they used to do BBQs and outdoor parties, but stopped (bummer, it was a nice area for that.)

After chatting a few minutes on the patio with my tour guide and other people that had come outside I told my boyfriend I wanted to go in and see what trouble I could find.  I didn't have to wait long.  I had barely walked inside and turned to go into the theater area with a swing when some guy called out my name.  He had seen my profile on FetLife and called me Sati!  We were standing maybe a foot or two inside the doorway, almost blocking the path for people to go in or out but there weren't any people around so it didn't matter.  He said hello and immediately went to kiss me.  I love sucking, fucking, taking cum, etc. from strangers, but I do not like kissing!  So I turned my head a bit and he got the hint and instead went straight to groping my tits and ass.  I was wearing a similar wrap to what I wore at FL1, just a different color.  It's a bikini wrap/dress that easily pulls down over my tits and pulls up over my ass.  Within seconds of groping at me I was surrounded by guys and felt hands all over me.  All while still standing right in the doorway!  The guy that knew me from Fet turned me around and pulled up my dress.  He was already hard as a rock and slid his cock inside me!  I was bent over now so I began sucking whatever cocks were around my face and guys placed my hands on their cocks.  I was now surrounded by guys, getting fucked, groped, etc. right in the doorway of the theater and pool area!  Within a minute or so the guy fucking me came inside me and stepped back.  The guy I was sucking immediately spun me around and slipped inside my cum filled pussy.  It felt really naughty getting fucked while standing up right there for everyone in the pool area to see.  But after the 3rd guy filled me with cum my boyfriend took me by the hand and led me to a sofa in front of the theater screen. 

He laid me on my back and then sat down on a sofa to watch the action.  Guys were still surrounding me but now they were able to climb between my legs to fuck me!  At one point I had a guy between my legs fucking my pussy, a guy sitting on my stomach fucking my tits, and a guy to my side fucking my mouth...and my hand was on another cock!  It was amazing!  I took another couple of loads inside me, and the guy fucking my tits shot all over my hair and face and a guy I was blowing later came all in my hair!

At this point a really large black guy took me by the hand and led me into a private room with a glory hole.  He told me to suck the first cock that popped through and he wanted to fuck me from behind.  My boyfriend got some awesome video of this guy pounding the snot out of me so hard my head was hitting the glory hole!  Needless to say I did a really poor job on the guy in the glory hole!  This guy pounded away at me for like 15 minutes in several different positions in the private room.  It had a small cot in there and we fucked on that for a while too.  He finally stroked off himself while I tongued the tip of his cock!

I went back to work on the guy at the glory hole (who waited patiently through the entire thing.)  He must've been really worked up because he lasted about 30 seconds (my boyfriend got video of that too!)  After he came another cock popped through and I sucked him until he got hard, but then wanted more in my pussy!  So I bent over and let him fuck me through the glory hole until he added another load inside me!

By that time my boyfriend informed me that I'd been fucked by 8 guys and he was ready to hit the road to get back to our side of the hood.  One of these days I'm going to stay all night just to see if I can break my record of 13 guys in one theater!  :)

SatiSlut Apr 17 '14

FantasyLand 1 - Introduction to FL


This is the story of my first time in FantasyLand 1 in Tampa.  It isn't erotica, this is exactly how it all happened.  This is also not a review of FL, as I'm getting to that at a later date.  I just wanted to write down my experience going in for everyone to read before I forget how it all went down!

I have to say, that I was pretty nervous going in the first time.  It had been built up in my head for months.  I had been posting and reading on the FantasyLand website for weeks and really looked forward to my first trip in.  I had arrived in the Tampa area on Sunday night, March 30th and the first few days were hectic to say the least.  We were staying in a crack hotel, had 3 days to find a rental home, unpack and get the rental van back to the dealer before we had to pay late fees.  We unpacked everything in the garage and then started working on moving everything to the proper place.  So by Friday, April 4th, I was more than ready for a relaxing night out!

My first reaction was bad when there was so much construction around the place that we couldn't figure out how to get to it and our GPS was no help.  We actually considered turning around and heading back home when we finally found a road that allowed local traffic in.  The parking lot was packed and people were hanging out in the parking lot and along the entry hallway.  I had read other people say that turns them off, but it didn't bother me in the least and all the guys were polite and said hello as we were walking up.  I was wearing my black bikini wrap/dress because I was fully prepared to get fucked!

Upon walking in you are greeted right at the door with the front counter.  2 guys working the counter immediately said hello to us and welcomed us in.  We told them it was our first time in and some nice looking black guy chatting with the guy being the counter immediately offered to give us the grand tour.  For 10-15 minutes we got the detailed grand tour of the building.  It was WAY bigger than I was anticipating.  I won't go into details here since I will wait for my official review for that.  But let's just say that it took 15 minutes because there was a lot to see.

After our tour the guy said I looked too innocent for a place like an adult theater and asked if I really liked to play.  I said that I absolutely did and that I was looking forward to trying the glory hole room.  He said that he'd love to play with me and asked if he could escort me to the room.  I said sure!  He led me down the hall to these nice rooms that lock from the inside and have couches to play on and a glory hole that can be locked from the inside if need be.  I locked the door while my tour guide went to the other side of the hole and stuck his cock through.  My very first glory hole experience!

I sucked him for a while and then he said he wanted to come around into the room with me.  So I unlocked the door and he came in and locked the door behind him.  He stripped and laid me back on the couch and slowly slid his huge black cock inside me.  He didn't even ask me if I required condoms, he just slipped in bareback all on his own!  For the next 20 minutes or so he fucked the snot out of me while I was laying back on the couch, then up on my knees, then leaning across the couch, then on my back again.  Finally he told me he was going to cum and without even asking, unloaded deep inside me!  Thankfully, my boyfriend was able to snap a few photos since we were in a private room!

After he came in me he said he had to leave for work and took off.  My boyfriend and I wandered around for a bit and then down the end of one hallway we found another booth that had a glory hole and a small bench.  We went in and shut the door (but it didn't have a lock.)  Within seconds a cock poked through the glory hole and I went to work sucking on it!

This time when the cock got hard I just spun around so my pussy was up against the hole.  He fucked me for a few minutes and then pulled away.  I heard him say "Thank you!" from the other room and I stood up and looked down and sure enough, I had cum dripping all out of my pussy!  Before I could admire his creampie another cock was poking through the hole and I went back to work.  During this time frame the door opened up several times since there was no lock, but as soon as guys saw me bent over servicing guys behind the hole they immediately shut the door (I assume to go to the other room and get in line!)  I was working on the new cock when the door opened and a guy actually walked right on in the room with us.  I had just turned around to let the guy at the glory hole fuck me so this guy leaned back on the bench and pulled his cock out so I could suck him at the same time.  Within seconds the guy fucking me was out and the guy in the room with me was hard so he pulled me around from the hole and began fucking me from behind.  Also within seconds he was unloading yet another load inside me and then he zipped up and walked out.  Not even a thanks!

Because it had been so late getting there with all the construction (and it took us longer to get there from our new house than we anticipated) and because my boyfriend wanted to get back on our side of the city before last call, we decided to call it a night.  4 creampies from 4 strangers was a good introduction to the theater!  As we walked out of the glory hole room I saw that there was a line of about 15 guys waiting to go in the room next to mine and I could hear every one of them groan as I walked out!  I told them all "Next Time!"

Me being stood up by my second date of the week...  :(

SatiSlut Mar 20 '14 · Comments: 9